The battle of Stamford Bridge

So last Friday I played my first game of football on a professional pitch – the not so hallowed – turf of arch rivals Chelsea. My thanks to Bob O’Hanlon for shoehorning me into the IBM team for the “Right to Play World Cup”.

This is me loafing around the goal area:

Bob and I also saw Avram Grant going into a meeting 24 hours before we heard he’d got the chop:

… but possibly the highlight of the day was meeting Chelsea legend Marcus Tandy, sorry I mean Jason Cundy:

Startup School 2008

So Mike and I were fortunate enough to get an invite to 2008’s startup school, run by the good folks over at Y-Combinator. We piled into the Kresge auditorium over at Stanford with a bunch of other geeks to hear a bunch of great speakers talk tech for the day.

The speakers were all excellent, but the pick of the bunch for me was probably David Heinemeier Hansson who talked at length about how to build a sustainable business, rather than a sexy-for-20-seconds-then-completely-forgotten-about-web2.0-thingymagig. Go see the talk here if you’re into that sort of thing.

It’s hard work running a startup: